What is The Laughing Network?

The Laughing Network is a network comprised of humor blogs and was created April 22, 2012. Its purpose is to create a collective area for many humor blogs so that bloggers looking to follow more funny blogs can find many of them here.

What do you do in The Laughing Network?

It varies.  Most of the time it's a place to just ask about ads, to get notes, HTML help, etc.

How can I get into The Laughing Network?

Click here.

When will applications be open again?

Sooner than you think.

Can you make an exception for me as I don't reach one of the requirements?

Nope, sorry.

I've seen other networks for humor blogs like this.  Whose was made first/which one is better?

The Laughing Network was made first.

Who made your theme?  Can I get it somewhere?

I made this theme.  I've customized this theme to fit The Laughing Network, so I can't give it out.  You can find basic network themes here.

Who made your logo?

I made the original logo, and then Alex made it into a gif.

If you have any other questions, ask below.